Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Torn between fear and greed

I am facing a dilemma right now. I have this strong hunch that if I trade I would end up making a lot less. Should I stop trading and keep my $290 in profits or keep trading for the prospect of more profits. This thought was in my mind when I was up $380. After I lost $90, the thought gets louder and interferes with my focus. Then there is another thought that tells me that there is a chance to make more cash today. If I stop now I might miss a lot of opportunities later on in the day.

Some days these thoughts just stand out and today is one of them. There are days when I disregard my hunch and I end up giving away most of my profits. I think my fear is winning out because $290 is an acceptable sum for me.

This is one of my weaknesses. I think a good trader who believes in his system will continue to trade because his system is profitable. I am a discretionary trader so I do get affected by emotions quite often. One of my future plans is to develop an automated system.

Since I am done early I will start reading The Disciplined Trader. It was recommended by Michelle B. over at Trader Mike's blog. Maybe it would shed some light into why I have these conflicting thoughts.

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TradingGoddess said...

Looks like Steven's Ken Fisher book review is going to be published on James Altucher's Blog Watch tomorrow over at Linky linky? Should be a busy traffic day,imo!

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