Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Came back from a loss

Today I started out slowly to test the waters. I was still flat at around 11am. The market did not look like it would do much today. There are a bunch of key economic reports coming up the next two days so traders probably would not do much ahead of key data. I told myself to just relax and take it real slow. Right after that I had itchy trigger fingers. I lost two trades in a row. After two bad trades I found myself looking at a $130 loss. In both trades I held on to my position a bit too long. I probably would have lost only half that amount if I got out fast.

I need to wait for a consolidation on MR. I bought when the price was over extended. It moved up from 70 cents already from a low of 25.80.

The WCI trade was an impulsive trade. WCI came up in my scan earlier. I saw the stock after the nice up move was over. I tried to play a bounce on the stock. I have a tough time trading hybrid issues. If you look at the 1 minute chart on the right you will see how fast it dropped. I got caught with 500 shares.

I managed to come back today despite being down over $130. After the losses I got really disciplined. I am up $50 for the day.

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Lord Tedders said...

Congratulations to sticking it out. It wasn't an easy trading today and you did very well to make money.

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