Friday, January 26, 2007

A good day

I caught some nice moves today. I traded GWW, FMD, CSH, and SYK. I was patient in my trades and gave them room to run. I took partial profits when my trades moved a decent amount and got stopped out on the rest. I made $800 today.


Flatwallet said...

Yeah you are gonna have to change you name to OneGoodTrade pretty soon. Keep up the positivity. I'm liking the new and improved OneBaaaaaadTrade

Anonymous said...

That's the key..........letting the profits run, stay patient and take parial profits. Good work !!

TradingGoddess said...


About Me

I have been trading for 5 years. It took close to a year before I became profitable. I find that I am improving gradually each year. My method of choice is scalping. My edge lies in tape reading NYSE stocks and staying on the side of the specialist. That is the method I learned when I started. As I build up my capital I will try new styles and trade new markets. In late 2006 my trading hit a rough patch after the introduction of the NYSE Hybrid system. For most of 2007, I have been on a search for new strategies that would help me adapt to the market.