Friday, February 02, 2007

I shaped up today

After two days of losses I was really careful in finding my trades. I did have a bonehead trade in LVS right near the open. I can remember it clearly. I got 100 shares at 106.70 and sold at 106 losing $70 in the trade. I was thinking about how much I would make because LVS could easily make $2 moves. It is not easy to make $70 and I lost it in a less than a minute. I think trading the open requires a different strategy and I need to work on that. I am going to stick to making trades after 10am from now.

I really calmed down and took my time to scan through my charts for setups. I managed to find a couple and I had the discipline to let them run. I ended the day with $597.

This was my best trade of the day.


The Addict said...

Nice trade, I saw D but I passed on it. Ended up shorting FCX which went no where.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Hey, I love the way you post graphs with your buy points and exits. That's a great way to take an objective look at past performance. I think over time, just looking at graphs of your positive trades will help you recognize what works real-time.

Keep it up!


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