Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Three good trades and no big hits

CCJ was nice. Fast and sweet. I don't get trades like this often. I hope this is a start of a trend.

HMN was also nice and smooth.

was tough and it tested me when it dipped. I am trading small so I am able to withstand the wiggle. If I was scalping I would have 500+ shares and that would have shaken me out. I don't think I would go back to scalping now. I am beginning to like this style of trading.

I made $600 today.

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J.C. said...

Nice trade on CCJ!

I also caught that same move, but I got in at $37.50 and $37.60. And it looks like we both got out at the same price at $38.25!

Nice day you had today!

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