Thursday, April 05, 2007

Name change

Ever since the release of the The Secretthe Law of Attraction has garnered a lot of attention. There are quite a number of blogs that talk about the LOA. One that I follow regularly is Breathing Prosperity. Ophelia, one of the authors has a new post titled "Law of Attraction:What's in a name?". When I started this blog I intended for it to be a journal of my bad trades. After I found out about the LOA I always wondered if I chose the wrong name for my blog. The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you think into your life. My blog's title is One Bad Trade, thus there could be a possibility that I may be attracting bad trades into my trading. Some of you guys reading this post might say, man OBT, you are so gullible and that sounds like an excuse for your mediocre performance. I think it does not hurt to make a minor change. If changing a name could make me trade better than I will give it a try. From now on the title of my blog would be changed to One Bad-Ass Trade. I hope I can show you guys some bad ass trading examples in the future.


Shauna said...


This put a huge smile on our faces, and I expect Ophelia will let you know as well...

This WILL make a difference for you, as I can already see by your change to 'bad-ass' - go kick some!



beautyinmd said...

Hey OBT,
This was great- Love the name change- Thanks for reading our blog. If I could make one suggestion maybe you should try One Bad-Ass Trader because really you are One Bad Ass Trader- Keep up the great work- We will be reading about you in Success magazine soon.

beautyinmd said...

It didn't put my name in it- beautyinmd is Ophelia

Flatwallet said...

Good for you. I look forwards to seeing some baaaaad ass charts and results. Lets start Monday.

OBT said...

One Bad-Ass Trader sounds good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Excellent, OBAT! I will update the post to my blog accordingly.

This made me laugh. Perhaps I should choose a different type of animal for my blog as well. I mean, Dinosaurs DID go extinct... does this mean I am wishing for my own extinction?

Perhaps I can be the Happy, At Peace, Prosperous, Happily Married, Not At All Sarcastic And Angry, Trader. A little clumsy sounding though... no, no, no...not clumsy sounding... it's verbose!


mc said...

Good Luck o-one-bad-ass trader.

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