Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good call but got shaken out


I did my research and found some weak stocks to short. The REITs look weak so I put a couple of stocks on my watchlist. I had VNO, PLD, BXP, GGP, TCO, and SPG. They all came down nicely but I lost money.

I did not have focus in the morning. Prior to my REIT shorts I got hit with a couple of losers in some impulsive trades. When I took my shorts in some of the REITs I was nervous and my conviction was shaky. After I got stopped out I watched those stocks tank. The market being range bound most of the day did not help my trading either.

Near the end of the day I got lucky and caught a couple scalps on the long side which helped me recover. I was down around $200 at one point.


TraderD said...

OBAT, I did not have a chance to blog today but you were not the only one getting chopped around. I was stopped on several positions more than once after trying to re-enter. After I finally said enough is enough, they ended up breaking out as planned. Tomorrow is a new day!

OBAT said...

Sometimes I wonder why I keep trading when there's no clear setups. If I know the reason I might have a new break through.

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