Monday, May 14, 2007

China's stock market is on fire

Heng Seng Index 20979.24 +511.03 (2.5)%
Shanghai Comp. 4046.39 +24.76 (0.61)%

I read this article today. This looks like a bubble to me. It is hard to tell when a bubble pops until it does. This reminds me of the time when I was in college NYC during second half of 1999. Everyone was talking about stocks in school. People use the lab computers and library computers to check stock quotes. I was putting on trades in the computer lab with my Datek and Ameritrade accounts. I made my first trade in September of 1999. I had a $4k account which ran up to $32k in January of 2000. In the end I gave all of it back and another $6k. I was not hurt too bad.

These people probably do not know what they are getting into right now. When a crash comes it will be ugly.


A 60-year-old cleaning woman in the southwestern city of Chongqing is being feted in the media as a market wizard after doubling her 20,000 yuan ($2,600) investment in two months. "At a time like this, who can lose money?" the newspaper Chongqing Morning Post quoted her as saying.

The Beijing Youth Daily carried a photo of a Buddhist monk opening a trading account last week at a brokerage in the western city of Xi'an.

And many investors believe Chinese leaders will prop up prices to avoid turmoil ahead of a key Communist Party meeting in late 2007 and the Beijing Olympics next year. "We hear that before 2008, the government won't let prices fall," said Ding's sister, Ding Jingxian. "We're not afraid."

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IIO said...

I've heard trades say that China's market should keep bubbling until the 2008 Olympics. I think that makes alot of sense.

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