Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daily Summary - Caught something


I caught 3 great trades today. My first winner was OII and it was great to finally catch something over $300. That's probably how much I made for the whole month of July. I was also a lot more selective since I am not trying to make something for the day. I found CGI and ORA.

The broad market and a lot of stocks have been rallying for 3 days now. Today may mark the top of the retracement as they hit their respective resistance levels, like the 20 day, 50 day and moving averages. If you look at the daily charts of the SPY, DIA, QQQQ, you can see that this rallied on declining volume.


Dinosaur Trader said...

Way to go, OBAT!

The guys in Wallstreak were talking about the ORA, but I walked away and missed the big move.

Great rebound after that hit you took last week.


hrgreen said...

Congrats... you deserve it!

OBAT said...

Thanks. Good days like this should give me some confidence going forward.

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