Thursday, October 11, 2007

Daily Summary


The market had a major reversal day. Many stocks reversed from their highs and went down big. I huge daily ranges through out my watch list.

I made money in the morning in a couple of longs. I was long 200 shares of CNX at 50 when it dipped briefly in the open. I was trading this stock yesterday and $50 is a key level. I got was out of 100 for 50 cents and the other for 1.68. I took a $1 gain in BID with 300 shares when it broke $60 and rallied to 61. I also made around $160 in a long in CAM. After that I chopped around for a bit and gave up some gains. I watched the wild sell off but did not pull the trigger.

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hrgreen said...

Great Day! Good job.... nice.....

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