Friday, November 30, 2007

Better screen capture program for your charts - Free

Thanks stocktickr blog for sharing. Before this, I use the esignal screen capture tool with microsoft paint to put comments and annotation with my charts and it gets the job done. With this specialized screen capture program called Snagit, I can have better looking annotations and best of all it is FREE.

Check out the shadows effects and better looking fonts on this chart.


ainkurn said...

you should take a look at Ensign Windows charting software. It is much more powerful than eSignal. You can overlay all kinds of studies and even mark up the charts and then simply export the image to your hard drive.

I used eSignal for almost a year and finally got rid of it for Ensign.

OBAT said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look up on that. Probably cheaper to use Ensign than esignal. Which quote provider do you use with ensign?

ainkurn said...

you can use several different data feeds. you can actually use eSignal's data feed but use Ensign as your charting software. Also if you have Interactive Brokers, you can use that feed at no additional charge. I am currently using DTN IQFeed though. My feed runs me about $150/month for AMEX, NYSE, GLOBEX, CBOT, and FOREX.

OBAT said...

I pay $162 a month for esignal. Ensign does have a lot more functions. I like the gartley pattern tools.

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