Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Summary


Excellent day today. I have been watching the fertilizer sector for the past couple days and today they finally broke. First it was the shippers, then the techs, then solars, now they are taking down the fertilizers. My biggest winner was CF for $691. I am still trading small so I only took 300 shares short and made money on the 2nd leg down. I stepped away the last 2 hours and I see CF made a 3rd leg down.


hrgreen said...


lawrence said...

yo good job obat. This is the way. Focus on the trade and hit a bull run. Nice and it is good to start the week with a bang.

All the best for the week

Bubs said...

Good stuff

Denarii said...

congrats - send me a Beer - I need one

Anonymous said...

Way to go !!


Flatwallet said...

congrats buddy...keep the momo rolling...I'm counting on you to continue inspiring me.

Do me a favor read your posts from a year ago. Awesome divergence ;)

OBAT said...

I'll go over my archives again. I think the difference between my trading now and a year ago is I actually think I can make some money in the market. A year ago I lost my edge and had no confidence at all.

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