Saturday, November 24, 2007

Improve your trading by watching trading videos

A month or two ago I scoured Youtube for trading videos. I found a couple of good ones that are updated daily. All the creators are traders who have their methodology down and explain their analysis in an easy comprehensible manner. I have learned some new stuff from watching the videos. One thing good about watching the videos is that you can really get into the minds of the traders and see how they interpret chart action.

  • Matt Monteith from offers daily commentary on the Emini S&P, Gold, Euro, Crude and Bonds. His trading style consist of trendlines, chart patterns and pivot points. I think it simple yet effective. One thing he stresses daily is not to try to pick tops or bottoms, wait for the market to confirm the move. Youtube link.
  • offers daily commentary of the major averages as well as some stock picks. He uses moving averages, trendlines, channels as well as some indicators like the stochastics and macds. Youtube link.
  • Chart Pattern Trader offers daily market commentary. They also follow market breath indicators and combine them trendlines, channels, chart patterns and indicators such as the rsi, macd, and stochastics. Youtube link.
  • Brian from Alpha Trends offers daily summary of the markets. He uses multiple time frame analysis, trendlines and moving averages. He's either the first or one of the earliest video bloggers.


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