Thursday, December 06, 2007

Daily Summary


I had a tough time today. I was down the entire day. I was trying to make a comeback and get green but it felt like I was wading through quicksand. I only found myself sinking deeper and getting mentally exhausted. There were good moves in a lot of stocks but I only saw it after the fact. I traded the wrong stocks today.


Sanglucci said...

yea man today was rough... There was money to be made tho out there that's what hurts the most... I was on the wrong side of shit all day

ainkurn said...

i had a day like this on Tuesday. It was a short day for me, and I had been profitable four days straight. I was down going into the last 30mins so I put on a trade just to try to get back my losses. it didn't work. lost another $150. Oh well, we just have to move on. good luck today.

OBAT said...

Thanks. I guess it is part of the learning curve.

I hope someday I can get to Miss Trade's level. You don't care about missed trades, move on the the next one. Losses don't bother you because you trust your system and you take every signal.

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