Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Daily Summary


My morning was good. I had 1k in profits and was taking it slow. Then I had a little screw up and lost 100. I wanted to make it back and at around 2:10 when the market was breaking new lows I put on a 300 share position in MON and got squeezed for close to $200. This was a bad trade since I shorted late and the stock had good relative strength. Then I compounded the error by buying 300 AGU. After I bought the stock sold off and I got scared because the market looked like it was going lower. Then my internet went down briefly and I had to restart my trading platform. I ended up getting 400 shares short because I put out some sell orders to get out I got double filled. I covered and lost a hundred bucks again. I had a 450 loss from top and that sucks. After that $100 loss I lost my poise and put on some reckless trades all because I want to hold on to that $1k day. I need to recognize when I am off my zone and focus on taking it slow and steady.

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ainkurn said...

sometimes the best trade is to not trade at all. I managed to keep my $1k day today, but I really wanted much more. I was looking to short into the afternoon rally, but I held off and I'm glad I did.

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