Monday, February 04, 2008

Daily Summary


I could have walked away with a small gain or small loss but I kept trading and ended up with a bigger loss. I did not like the choppy action and the tight ranges. Every time I put on a trade I either buy near the highs or short near the lows. One thing I did right was using small size of 100-200 shares and keeping my cool. I was getting pissed off but I did not try to revenge trade. Next time I see this kind of action I will walk away and trade another day.

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Sanglucci said...

I hear that OBAT I got tossed around today in the financials churning 800 share positions.... pretty stupid on my behalf but I agree with taking a back seat when the market is actin like this and there's no juice newhere..... the morning was alright man I CRUSHED Humana but gave all that shit back and then some.... what a shitty day

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