Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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There were pretty good action today but I traded light and made a little from the sell off in the morning.

I am new to swing trading and I put on my 2nd swing trade since I opened my IB account. I think I lost 10 bucks in my first trade and that was a while back. I took an overnight in CZZ yesterday at 15.75 because it had a nice breakout in the daily chart. The stock had a reversal today and took out the lows of the previous day. I got out of my swing trade with a loss of 60 cents. This stock is pretty strong but today it was weak relative to the market. I don't trust these failed breakouts in a bearish environment. The stock is still holding above 15, and since it shook me out it might go up without me.

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LiggerPig said...

Excellent work OBAT. This is the mindset of a successful trader. By keeping losses small you are in a much better frame of mind to take advantage when the big winners come along.
We all notice winning trades and like to post "well done", but it's much more than winning trades that drives profits. It's this disciplined trading that will keep you successful in the long run. Keep it up and be careful holding positions overnight.

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