Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Summary


I changed my trading layout slightly. Instead of having a basket of over a 100 stocks sorted by % gainers and losers I put up stocks and organized them by sectors. I think having that many stocks up slows down my trading platform. I keep getting a message that tells me to decrease the number of stocks every time I log on for the past 2 days. I also had to keep switching quote servers because my quotes would freeze. This change made me deviate from my original trading plan.

In the open I had 2 trades Evolution style. I was watching the brokers today and I saw BSC up over 5% while LEH, MER, and MS were up less than 1%. I bought 300 MER at 45.92 and 300 LEH at 46.71. I sold MER AT 46.23, 46.37 and 46.21. I got out of LEH at 47.10 and 200 at 46.96. LEH went up around 47.30 and reversed. That was a quick 195 in profits. I lost 30 bucks in my first trade in MER though because I got too aggressive with my size and I am was not confident with this style of trading yet.

Later on I made some money trading the health insurers HNT, CVH, and CI. DVA was also nice to me and I took around $240 out of the stock. I got 400 shares of DVA at 44.90 and rode it up to 45.50s. The quick 50 cents profits was tempting and I took it because it was also near the 5 day moving average. If I stuck to a trading stop there was another possible 50 cents.

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Sanglucci said...

Nice day OBAT waita change the style up and try something new man always helps to have more tools in the arsenal.

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