Friday, March 28, 2008

Daily Summary


I had many losing trades today. I could not get the direction right and I have no conviction in my trades. I am going to end early before I dig a deeper hole.


LiggerPig said...

hi OBAT,
You've done very well these last two weeks to conserve your energy and preserve your account.
It's all too easy for traders to make the wrong decisions when, in fact, they should call it a day.
The market always rewards traders who can still be there, fresh and focused and I've no doubt your trading will soon become amazingly easy again.
Keep on keepin' on,

The Average Jay said...

Hi OBtrader. I enjoy reading your blog. I started a blog too as a qay of stay honest on my trades. .I don't have man people who read it if you get a chance to take a loo at it and leave me some feedback as to what you think? Thanks and good luck on your trading I will subscribe to your blog. Jay

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