Friday, April 04, 2008

Daily Summary


My esignal was slow during the open and I couldn't use my charts. I had CLF as a breakout over 134 so I hit the buy market button for 200 shares when it was breaking the number. I got huge slippage in the trade and was filled at 134.31 average. The stock immediately trades below 134. I held on briefly thinking that it would bounce back higher for me to get out but the stock continued lower. I ended up getting out for a $234 loss. I was too disgusted to even look at CLF again, and that is when it makes its move.

After my CLF trade, I took a bunch of small losers and was down $350 for the day. I made a bit back later but could not fully recover.

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The Average Jay said...

I too was way off the trading plan today. I pulled my stops because I was pissed off a the markets. I lost less then you, but I feel your pain.

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