Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daily Summary


I started of slow, but quickly got into trouble. I had a 200 share trade in DHR, and I got squeezed for 50 bucks because I hesitated. The tape was not showing any signs of weakness so I should have gotten out because offers were getting printed and stock wouldn't go down. After that trade I did no make any winning trades. I had losers left and right for 20 bucks a pop. Even though they were small, the commission and losses added up and I was down over $200. I had a trade in AOS and I prayed that it would help me come back. This is one of the worst situations to be in, praying for stocks to move. I was lucky that AOS moved and I held tight. Managed to trim my loss down to around $30. I could not make anything after that and just churned a bit.

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PRD trader said...

U r doing great,keeping the red under control.I just want to learn the tape reading if like to teach me that will great help.

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