Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daily Summary


I did not catch any big movers today. My biggest gain was around 90 bucks. I caught a few scalps on the long side.

I found a pretty good website(finviz) for trading research thanks to Brian from Alpha Trends. For a free site it has pretty powerful screening tools. I played around with it today for a little bit and I like it.

I like how it shows the chart of all the stocks from the scan. It also draws trendlines and finds patterns for you. Nice.


PRD trader said...

finviz is good ,i liked it.

Tomer said...

yeah it seems nice, does it work in live market conditions?

PS. Trader-Ghost.blogspot.com - please help me with today's charts

The Average Jay said...

Just checking in to see what your up to. Great post and I will check out the site. Nice to see you putting up green on the screen.



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