Friday, May 16, 2008

Daily Summary


I made $100 in ATI from going long a break of 82. I was a bit slow and missed the shares at 82. I got in at 82.13 and 82.16. I sold 100 at 82.35 and 100 at 82.98 for a gain of $106. Right after my ATI trade I jump into 200 CRS at 61.21 and ended up losing all my gains when I got out of the nasty reversal at 60.68. I hesitated too long and had a big loss. RDC was my biggest winner. I got into 400 shares at an average of 45.08. I got out of 200 at 45.61 and 200 at 45.56 for a gain of $212. I made up to $300 in profits and then gave some back.

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hrgreen said...

That ATI trade is beautiful... just my style and very rewarding. I tend to make that type of trade (2nd 3rd candle of the day) only once in the day. By the time you go in the second trade (your CRS trade) the buying is over. Its almost just as predictable as a short trade. I use the upper bollingerbands as a reference.

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