Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Daily Summary


I dug a little hole again in the morning. I was down around $60. I noticed that the coal stocks were weak so I was watching them. There was a little spike up at 10:30 and I noticed that CNX and ACI reversed quickly. I thought I can catch a quick reversal so I shorted BTU without thinking. I got a bad price and I covered with a $65 loss. With another couple of scratches I was down $150.

I made a comeback with a long in MAN. I got a great price at at an average of 64.96 on 300 shares. The stock ran to 65.29 and sold back down to 64.04. I think the thought of money is dictating the way I trade. I was in the money for $90 and I watched it disappear. I did not want the stock to reverse on me, since that has been happening quite often these days so I got out. I watched the stock creep up again. I averaged in again and this time my price was 65.50 on 300 shares. I got out of 100 at 65.90 and 200 at 66. I watched the stock go up another 70 cents.

I was flat until I caught a $100 short in TRA near the end of the day. I had to really work for my gains today.

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