Friday, June 06, 2008

Daily Summary


What a reversal. The market was weak the entire day and I tried to go long gold stocks most of the time. I picked BVN and ABX which did not move much while AEM the one that I passed on blasted off. I picked a couple of stocks to short last night but I did not watch them. EDU was one of them. When the market is weak why look for longs. The easy trades are from the short side. I got to remember this the next time.


tatu said...

I finally close with a green number today, the oil sector perform very well during the first half hour,such as XCO CRK PVA etc.
today I saw XCO run almost 1$ straightly without retreat, well it's a pity I missed that move.
wish u luck!

tatu said...

ABH some time also moves smoothly, maybe you can pay some attention to it.

OBAT said...

ABH looks nice.

debt consolidation unsecured said...

The past few weeks a number of fluctuations have characterized the stock market so nothing to worry at all yet.

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