Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New locations for the Virtual Office

DT has passed the torched to Tokyo Trader. TT is now the new host of the virtual office. DT did offered me the opportunity but I declined because there was a catch. I would have to meet up with DT for a weekend in a love hotel and perform some services for him. Being a hot blooded male I respectfully declined the offer.

Wincity a former VO member is also running his own Virtual Office. He took it up a notch by automating it and allowing anyone to post his or her pnl. Looks to me like an excellent idea. Damn those computer programmers. I got to go back to school an get a degree in programming.

Being free from his VO hosting duties, DT is now enjoying his extra time by playing with his male midget, dwarf and hobbit friends.


wincity said...

Thanks for mentioning my VO. You don't have to get a degree in order to be a programmer. I taught my wife in about 2 months. And she found a good job right afterwards.

I'm always puzzled by how much they pay programmers. I can turn any good high school student into a decent programmer in 2 months.

wincity said...


You're welcome to join my VO. You may elect to post only interesting trades. Or you may join anonymously, as a woman maybe.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Hey, what the?

Is Tapeworm writing for this blog now?


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