Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Close call..

After yesterday's beating I was going to take it slow with 100 share positions today. I did not think I would lose much so I played around right after the open with APD and PX. After a few trades I was down $130. Things just got worse from then on even though I kept most of my trades at 100-200 shares. I kept getting bad entries in my shorts in JEC and I got squeezed for 35 cents on a 300 share trade. That trade put me near a $300 loss. I had some more losses after that and was down close to $350. Fearing another repeat I kept my size small and kept trading. I got good short entries in JEC and FLR but ended up taking small profits right before they dropped over $1.

I managed to make a comeback from the afternoon bounce. I am close to even for the day. What a relief.


The Average Jay said...

OB what are you looking at or use for your trigger to get in or out?

OBAT said...

Working on a post that would answer your question.

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