Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missed opportunities

There were huge moves in many stocks. I don't know what I was doing today. I got tossed around by the market and lost my conviction. I was looking to go long and was expecting a strong reversal. When the market broke down to new lows I changed my mind. I jumped around and traded a lot of different stocks. When the market had double bottom at around 2pm I was watching ETR and missed out on some good bounces in UBB and FLR, two stocks which I have been trading more actively the past two days. I was getting pretty frustrated because I was missing moves and my charts were freezing. I ended the day with $100. I guess some profits is better than nothing since I worked pretty hard today.

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The Average Jay said...


Don't feel bad I was killed on Tuesday and after three losing trades in a row I gave up. I missed the best action as I closed shop for the day before noon. Keep working at it and stay with the rules. It keep me from over trading yesterday. If I held my losers on Tuesday overnight I would have made a killing on Wednesday but you never know what will happen the next day. I am just trying to stay with the game plan. Drop by my blog and say hello.

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