Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daily Summary


Had the bulk of my gains in LMT.  I also made a little in KCI and LH. 


JMJAtlanta said...

Nice to see you back, buddy. I'm sure you already know... ease into it.

Trading was real thin last month for me. I doubt many did any size. My June could be called a "slow burn rate." :-)

Push hard in everything. Trading, moving, and at the gym.

I like to hit the gym before anything else. It's a big mood booster. There by 5, done by 6. I can then catch up on the markets with a fresh attitude. I put the markets away by 4:30pm and take care of other duties. I get to sleep at a decent time and recharge to do it all over again.

And I like it this way!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back in the game. You should drop by our chat room through Denarii's blog.

Happy trading..


OBAT said...

Over my break I slacked off, ate a lot and gained 8lbs. Now I am busting my ass again to get back in shape. It feels great to work out and be back trading again.

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