Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Summary


I was doing ok early on with a $100 in profits and another $100 in unrealized profits. At around 9:55 I went into DKS near the highs and lost $100. I thought the stock was going to break out. The stock fails and promptly reverses. I had 200 shares of HAR at 28.49 and was going to let it run. Stock goes up to 29.12 and spikes down 60 cents. I punch out and all my profits for the day were gone. I traded some more and ended up losing $100.

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zoe said...

Even if you get the loss, the provider should be dare enough to post the

same in the site performance

**Even if you get the loss, it should be a clear and satisfactory loss

instead of fake and unsatisfied profits

Your blog has good info...

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