Friday, October 10, 2008

My first bear market

I started trading near the end of 2002 which was the start of the bull market. It is eye opening to see a bear market unfold. If the stock market is still around after this crisis I think the experience I gain will help me in the next cycle.


JMJAtlanta said...

Likewise here. I'm attempting to suck in all the "sentiment" information I can. I'm sure I'll be able to dust off this info later in life.

I'm sure each of these things are different, but I'd say it is a safe bet that the crowd acts similarly each time.

Denarii said...

are you having fun? I started trading in 1978. This seems so unreal but I remember in 87 when the markets seemed to stop about mid day Tuesday. The markets were open but next to no trading was happening then someone came in with a large stock futures buy order and suddenly everything worked. For about an hour, I just wondered if I should kiss America good buy - Denarii

Free Music said...

well this really suck

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