Friday, October 10, 2008

One of my better days in a long while

I think there's going to be some big numbers DT's RO.  I made $1100 today, effectively coming back from my bad week at the end of September.  I made half my gains from going long in the late day rally.  When my Esignal Nosignal crapped out I knew volume was exploding.  I had to rely on my basic charts in my trading platform.  They were a life saver.  I was in early and there was this voice that told me to get aggressive and take some size.  I did not do it and only took 100 shares of FLS and 200 SPW. 

Looks like we did not get a capitulation day yet.  I was expecting a reverse head and shoulders reversal and the market to close green.  During the day I did not see much selling in the stocks I traded.   They seem to be only trickling down.   Looking forward to be a little more aggressive when the reversal day comes. 


Marc O'sullivan said...

Congratulation on the $1100!

Free Music said...


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